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Crave have developed new software to utilise on tablets or televisions to improve the guest experience across the whole hospitality industry, whether that be in a restaurant, hotel bedroom, sporting venues, leisure facilities or the work place.

The Emenu, which can be operated by the waiter or the guest replaces the menu by providing a visual image of each dish available and prompts the guests to order additional items and accompanying drinks. Once the order is placed it will convey this information to the till and the kitchen, it also enables payment to be taken at any stage of the process.

The Guest Service+ allows the guest to interact with any department in the venue, either to order food and drink, book leisure facilities or request other services. It will provide all the information on the venue for the guest and allow the venue to communicate with its guests either all at once or individually.

Both programmes will allow guests internet access, provide the opportunity to sell advertising space, promote future events, will increase sales and profitability and minimise miss billing opportunities whilst enabling the guest to be in control. The tablets interaction with the internet allows it to interface with sites like Trip Advisor, Top Table and Facebook so guests can immediately rate the venue facilities. In addition both systems work wirelessly and are powered by onsite servers, so minimal rewiring, disruption and also only a moments delay in transmission.

Please contact us for a demonstration in this technology or more information