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The Exchange has shown sales increases of 40% and more

The Exchange

The Exchange turns your bar into a Stock Exchange for the evening. The price of drinks rise and fall, based on what products are being sold, just like the real Stock Exchange. As a bar you choose which products you would like to feature, price ranges and the market crashes. The system seamlessly integrates with your EPOS tills and TV Screens, automatically changing prices, making this an easy event to run. Your customers can watch the price of their favourite drinks or food rise and fall based on product demand.

You are in total control of the system setting the minimum and maximum selling prices for the products you decided to list for the evening. The Exchange is designed to dramatically increase sales by increasing the length of a customer visit, whilst at the same time creating a unique atmosphere and focus. It also can link into your Twitter and Facebook feeds to really help you promote events.

If a customer goes to the bar and buys a pint of Fosters the next customer buying Fosters pays a little more and if nobody buys a specific product the price falls. In addition market crashes can occur, which are designed to keep customers in the pub at key times.

Please contact us for a demonstration of this technology or more information.

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