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Draught Beer Tables & Walls

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Beer tablesPour your own Pint –The system that allows your customer to pour their own draught beer, either from a table, beer wall or mobile unit. The ideal solution for volume businesses and the customer pays for every drop of beer.

This system, new to the market can be fixed or mobile. The fixed solution is for new builds or refurbishments as beer lines need to be run to the table. The mobile is ideal for events, stadia or any volume occasion. The mobile unit holds 2 kegs and gas and the wall four kegs. The system works wirelessly and staff are totally in control from behind the bar. The customer purchases an i-button from the bar and this allows them to pour beer to value on the i-button.

The system has a number of advantages including:

  • New to the market  
  • Instantly increases profitability as
  • customer pays for every  drop of beer dispensed
  • It saves time and allows staff to focus on other areas
  • The screen on beer pump allows customer to order other drinks and food directly from   table
  • The tablet also can promote forthcoming events, sell advertising space, provide video music system
  • Mobile units provide a solution to volume environments or in temporary situations such as marquees.
  • Return on investment improved by selling advertising space
  • Breweries like the concept and may pay for installation