Case Studies

Guineas Associates Ltd

Case study 1

Guineas Associates were appointed by a catering operator in the leisure market to provide an interim Operations Director to assist the business through a period of change management with a brief to review structure costs, margins and operational procedure.


The majority of sites were cafes in leisure centres with a geographical spread from Cornwall to County Durham. The sites varied considerably in a number of ways but the biggest two factors were the captive audience numbers and the affluence of the population, this was coupled with how do you most economically and effectively manage these contracts with such a geographic spread.


The key tasks can be summarised as follows:-

  1. Review the trading performances of all units, identifying additional revenue opportunities, understand the retail trading pattern of each unit and from
    this highlight sites that did not fit the company profile.
  2. Implement the most cost effective and efficient management structure for this business.
  3. Develop a branded coffee shop and implement at all sites with a core menu supported by costed recipes for all products and purchasing details.
  4. Develop the hospitality offer at key sites with standardised menus and supporting sales literature.
  5. Implement savings in payroll and cost of sale.

The project was for four months and the results achieved by Guineas Associates can be summarised as follows:-

  1. Implemented a retail brand for coffee shops with a core menu, supported by fully costed recipe bank and supplier information.
  2. Introduced an in house hospitality offer at key sites supported by standardised menus and corporate literature.
  3. implemented immediate savings of £175k in areas of payroll and cost of sale. The introduction of core menus would ensure stability and further
    savings in the cost of sale.
Case Studies

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